Political mood index

Political mood across the EU: 

The EU political mood index aggregates the latest polls from all 28 EU member states and calculates the power distribution in the European Parliament, if Europeans voted today. This creates an overview of the pan-European political mood beyond the 5 year European election cycle.

You can compare different scenarios clicking on the drop-down menus above the double-pie chart.

The underlying data are available here in machine readable format.

See details on the method here.



Current EP political groups:  
Others far left
own categorisation [new + non-attached (NI)]
EPP – European People’s Party
centre right
GUE-NGL – European United Left/Nordic Green Left
far left
ECR – European Conservatives and Reformists
right-wing Eurosceptics 
Greens/EFA – Greens / European Free Alliance
ID – Identity and Democracy party
far right 
S&D – Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats
centre left
Others far right
own categorisation [new + non-attached (NI)]
Renew Europe 
Others moderates
own categorisation [new + non-attached (NI)]


Latest projection with the UK: 

Projection at national level – click on a member state



Latest projection without the UK: 

Projection at national level – click on a member state